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One of my parishioners is also following a paleo diet and she shared how to make mayonnaise with me. Shout out to Sandra! I use this for a variety of things- to make salad dressings, making coleslaw (I’ll post that soon), and of course as a simple condiment. It really is crazy easy if you follow this method and it is full of healthy fats. I know, I know, how could mayonnaise be healthy but truly it isn’t bad if you make your own.

The trick to making mayonnaise is using an immersion blender. Technically you can make it in a plain old blender or even a food processor but I find that it doesn’t thicken as well and it takes longer. The picture in this post was made with my blender and it just isn’t as pretty, though it is great for a salad dressing. With an immersion blender you have fewer dishes (just make it in a wide mouthed mason jar) and it comes together in about 30 seconds- no joke! This is just about fool proof. If raw eggs make you squeamish (sure, you don’t eat cookie dough or brownie batter, whatever) you can use pasteurized eggs. Also, use a “light tasting” olive oil. The flavor of a strong olive oil will really come through. And that’s coming from someone who loves olive oil. Okay, let’s get started!



  • 1 cup olive oil (use the light tasting kind- trust me)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp. lemon juice or vinegar

I use a wide mouthed canning jar but use whatever you have. Place all your ingredients into the jar. Using an immersion blender, blend the mixture without moving the blender until the mixture begins to thicken; about 20 seconds. Once your mayonnaise has started to thicken move the blender around to incorporate all the oil.

Want to make Ranch dressing? Add ½ tsp. (ish) each of onion powder, dill, dried mustard, and garlic. This ain’t a science, folks, go with your gut.


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I stress-bake, a lot. When I'm not doing that I'm an Episcopal priest, wife, and mom. Have a recipe that just might lower my blood pressure or at least make my house smell good? I'd love to try it!

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